Kaladesh Prerelease Saturday 24th November and Sunday 25th

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Kaladesh Prerelease Saturday 24th November and Sunday 25th

Postby boomerangguy » 16 Sep 2016, 16:56

Kaladesh Prerelease Saturday 24th September and Sunday 25th September

Preregistration is open for the Saturday and Sunday Event. The Start time will be 11am. The venue is the Education Building 34 in room 2003.

Prerelease Tournament for the New set. Get you hands on the cards before they are on sale. Doors will open at 10.30am in the University of Southampton SO17 1BJ. Because we are linked with a new shop product allocation will be limited to 26 players. The events are open to everyone subject to product.

Each player will receive 6 boosters to build their sealed deck with. All cards for this events are provided so you need no cards. This is a Regular Rules Enforcement event so suitable for beginners and returning players. A special Promotional Rare Foil Card will be given to all players just for entering (subject to availability). You keep all the cards you open.

Preregistration is now open. The cost is £25.

There is registration on the day from 10.30 if any space left. I recommend Preregistration to guarantee a place. I intend to start the event at 11 am. Limited product so preregistration advised.


DCI Judge and Tournament Organiser

DCI Judge and Tournament Organiser
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