World of Warcraft Mythic+ Tournament

In the past, we’ve held tournaments in CS:GO, Rocket League, Dota 2, and many many more other games. But this time, let’s do something different. For those of you who play World of Warcraft, this will be an amazing opportunity to test your skills in Mythic+ Dungeon runs.

What is Mythic+?

Mythic+ is a new dungeon difficulty system in World of Warcraft. It’s based on these items called “Keystones”. Unlike Heroic and Mythic difficulties, the Mythic+ system is scaling according to your keystone. In addition, you have a set amount of time to complete the dungeon and earn more rewards. The keystones have their own “affixes” that enhance the dungeon you’re running. For example, a +5 Underrot key is more difficult than +2 Underrot.

Affixes in Mythic+ can vary from basic ones where enemies in the dungeon have more HP and deal more damage to the ones where slain enemies leave behind a toxic pool which deals damage to you and heals additional monsters that stand in it.

In addition, the faster you complete the dungeon, the more rewards you get and you further upgrade your key. For example, if you finish the dungeon in 20 minutes, rather than in 30, you will receive an additional item and your keystone will be upgraded by 3 levels, instead of 1 or 2.

The Tournament

Now that I have explained the basics of Mythic+, let’s get into the tournament details. You need a total of 5 players in your party. However, all 5 players are allowed to switch characters between matches. We will have 8 teams, and only 1 can be victorious.

Each match will be played in the same dungeon, with the same keystone level to ensure the best possible balance. You can choose your compositions and are allowed to interchange players between characters also. For example, you play a Mage, your friend plays a Priest, but you would like to play Priest in the next match. In that case, you can switch PCs with your teammate and play his character.

Mythic+ Chest in World of Warcraft

There will be rewards for the top 3 teams. We have prepared some amazing gaming peripherals for the winners, as well as in-game goodies such as mounts, pets and cosmetic items for everyone that participates.

If you don’t have a character

In case you’re not a regular World of Warcraft player and you don’t have the required gear or level for the tournament, don’t worry. All you need to do is visit and order a service that will help you raise your item level or general level. For example, a good service that will boost your ilvl in no time is their WoW Mythic Carry. With this boost, you will be carried through the newest raid on Mythic difficulty and will receive all the rewards, including the title and the end boss mount.

Go ahead and boost your character, and we will see you at the tournament very soon! Best of luck to everyone who participates!

Yet Another Tabletop University Event

Recently, the University Gaming Network Society organized a board game event at few universities across the US. Since it was a huge success, we are looking to bring it back, but this time, we will be focusing on RPG tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, Blades in the Dark and many more!

Let’s explain tabletop RPGs first.

What you need to know about these types of games is that they can last for hours and hours. Also known as pen-and-paper role-playing games, participants describe their characters through speech. There are a certain set of rules that must be followed, but players have the freedom to improvise, meaning that their choices shape the outcome of the game. But before you start the game, each of the players assigns themselves a role they would like to play. Characteristics and statistics are recorded on a form called “Character Sheet“. Most of the time, character’s stats are based on the class you pick, but you have the freedom to change it up a bit. That is the basic tabletop RPG model.

tabletop games

One of the first role-playing games was M. A. R. Barker‘s Empire of the Petal Throne, released in 1974. But the most popular tabletop RPG is, and you’ve guessed it, Dungeons & Dragons, released also in 1974. In its first year, roughly 1000 copies were sold, followed by 3000 in 1975. In 2005, products branded Dungeons & Dragons made up over 50% of the RPG tabletop products. And even today, in 2019, you can still hear about the game here and there, showing just how tabletop RPGs withstood the test of time.

Our tabletop event, what is it about?

Well, we are bringing everything to you. We have hundreds of games to show off and play with you. There will also be some cool stuff for you to buy and bring home. We’ve managed to even dig up an exclusive Dungeons & Dragons original 1974 game. One proud gamer will be able to take it home after the event ends.

You can sign up for the event at There are no requirements this time, just invite your friends to come along and let’s enjoy this unique experience. We’re looking forward to seeing you there soon!